What Is A Mother? Mother’s Day 2022

Fri, 05/06/2022 - 9:45am

Every year the students in the Kindergarten class at the Block Island School share their thoughts on “What is a Mother” with The Block Island Times.
In honor of Mother’s Day, here they are, in their own words.
Dylan Bates: My mom really likes to cook. She makes peas and peppers; tater tots; chicken tenders; and my favorite is her chicken potpie. It is famous. A
lot of people come to our house for her chicken pot pie. And for dessert, she makes us marshmallows!

She has brownish/blondish hair and loves the color orange. She is kind to me. Before I fall asleep, mom lets me watch the iPad for a little bit. She tucks me in,
reads me a bedtime story, and gives me a kiss good night. Then Carhart comes in and kisses mom because he really loves her. I love her, too.

Elle Ernst: So, she takes care of me and she watches me all the time. She wants me to be safe on the trampoline. She reads to me every day...day and night! She does not like sports.
She has like freckles all over her face. She has a brown hair and brown eyes. She likes to wear a bun in her hair. She mostly every day wears jeans.
She makes great grilled cheese. She uses butter, good bread, and nice gooey cheese. I think she feels good about me because I am a good daughter.

Kelly Closter: She takes good care of me. So, playing games and watching shows and watching movies with me and that’s all.

Jeffrey Gonzalez: She loves me. She tells me that every day. I always tell her that I love her, too...every day! She is very pretty. I like to go to the park with her. Sometimes she swims in a pond with me. I like to do homework with her.
She cooks me strawberries, bananas, soup, and fries. She makes me noodles with cream whenever I ask. It is really tasty! I like to cook soup with her. She
gives me lots of treats...I love candy! I love my mom!

Winter Helterline: She’s really nice. She like gives us treats sometimes. She makes us healthy food. I love broccoli and she usually cooks broccoli with some salt at the end. I like to go the park with her play on the swings. She takes good care of me and keeps me safe. When we go to Mt. Snow, she hugs us tight. She looks like her hair is in a bun and it’s really curly. I think she’s lovely, and kind, and beautiful!
River Helterline: Oh, I know a lot about her. She really loves flowers...she loves those like yellow flowers.
She has black hair and she works in the cafeteria here at school. She gives me healthy food and fruit. I love her ravioli the best...even the green kind of ravioli. There is a type of veggie in there. I don’t like sauce on it, but Winnie loves the sauce. I eat a lot of meat. Like the thin type and the thick type. Those are the two types of meat.

Jack Kiley: Her name is Julie, but I call her Mom. We like to play games like Candyland. I usually win. Outside, we like to take long walks and look at nature.
We look at worms and interesting things on the ground.
Mothers help children when they need help. Like help with problems. They cook healthy food to keep us healthy. I love her hot dogs with nothing on them.
She has blond hair, white skin, and I think she’s pretty.

Andrea Marroquin:
My mom loves me. I don’t know why. I love her too. Her name is Marta.
She is very pretty. Her eyes are green. Her hair is long and black. She always wears it pulled back.

She makes really good spaghetti and...sushi!
We make chocolate pastries together. We look for diamonds on the beach. We have found six or seven! She takes me to the park and pushes me on the swings. I think she is a good mom because she does everything that I want.
Marlow Millikin: I like to play with her. We play Uno and Tell Tale and we play Tic Tac Toe. I like to color with her.
She makes really good potatoes. She puts salt and whipped cream in them. Sometimes she makes rice and puts salt on top of it. She lets me cook breakfast with her. Sometimes we bake cakes and cookies. I love spending time with her. I think she is happy about me and she likes spending time with me, too.
I think she is 39 years old. I think she is very beautiful. She has brown eyes and black hair. She wears a yellow belt and yellow dresses and gray shirts.

Julian Murphy: I like go off-island with her. We like to go shopping for food and stuff. We like to go to Walmart for lunch. I like to have Chinese food too...like
crab Rangoon. When we’re on Block Island, I like to make lunch with her and watch movies. We go for a lot of walks and we go to the playground.
I like doing projects with her. I like to climb the apple tree and she watches me to be sure I’m safe.
She like lightish, brownish hair and she normally wears stockings. She is kind and she has blue eyes. She is a very good mother!

Max Packer: She is a lovely mother! She helps me a lot. She is kind to me and to Mason. I like to play outside with her. She has black hair and she is pretty. She has a nice smile.
I think she feels good about me because I’m a nice son.

Perla Perez Santana:
She was happy when I was doing a good job eating. I really love mom. Like with every piece of my heart. I like to make things for her. I like her to help me.
Sienna Redd: I like to play games with her. We play Sugar Rush. For outside we like to take bike rides to the painted rock and we play soccer.
She takes really good care of us. She gives us healthy snacks like apples and carrots and cucumbers. She is a great cook. She makes a great quiche and some pasta with tomato sauce.
She has brown hair, she a lot of times she wears jeans, and leggings with a long black jacket or a magenta one. She always wears pinkish/reddish sunglasses and Vans or sneakers. I think she’s about lower than my dad’s age. I think she’s pretty and I don’t really look like her. I look like my grandmother, Michele.

Axel Sprague: I like to plant stuff like sunflowers and tomatoes. She takes care of us by making food for us. I really like her eggs and egg sandwiches.
Her name is Alicia and she is a lot taller than me.

Mac Transue: My mom takes such good care of me...there is so much I don’t even know what to say. She helps me with distance learning. She makes sure I have a bath and try to stay clean. She helps me brush my hair into these kind of shapes. She kisses me on the head and says goodnight.

She has a nice smile! She usually wears these cool little leopard pants. I think she is like 30 or something. She’s very kind by giving me hugs. I think she feels really good about me. I’m a really nice kid.
Luke Wilk: She makes these like really great sandwiches. Her best is a hot dog sandwich. I like it with peanut butter, cream cheese, and ketchup.
She has blond hair and she usually wears comfy pants. We like to play outside and help take of the animals. My favorite is the baby calf. It was born from one of our cows and it’s name is White Socks.