Fri, 02/14/2020 - 9:15am

A reel fish tale

You’re in my heart

You’re in my head

In a love story that

I just read. Movie.

Casablanca, you once said.

Reminded me that I’m

Not alone with your texts

On the phone. For you

My fisherman, I wrote

This poem. Casting a line

To lure you back home from

The sea. Come catch me.


— Your Selkie


I was so in love when you first brought me here.

You made me feel safe. I had nothing to fear.

The island held so much beauty and charm,

I felt so loved just holding your arm.

The years went by fast, but I never did see

That you were no longer in love with me.

The children and grandchildren and especially me

Were left heartbroken when you walked out on me.

We never thought we’d get over the pain

How would our lives ever be the same?

But God intervened and He showed us the way,

And our oldest son brought me to Block Island one day.

Back to Block Island, where he went as a child.

We shared many memories, the heartache now mild.

On Valentines Day to my family I love,

We’ve had beautiful lives, thanks to God up above!

— Bernice


To Liisa —

Love was just a word until you came along and gave it meaning,

If love was a grain of sand, mine for you would be a universe of beaches.

Happy Valentines Day

Forever and always

— David


Eddie –

      You’re a genius at building

   and an artist with wood,

      But those 2nd floor walls

  don’t look very good.


      The buckets of compound

   by the beds that are “tables”

      should be opened and used,

   if you’re willing and able.


      I’ll help with the cleaning,

   and pick-up as required

      For you are the only

   Spackler I’d hire!

                  All my love,



For dm&ev —

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Vacations are awesome 

But better with you.

You make my life full

each and every day

I love you so much,

that’s all I can say.



It’s been quite the ride and far from over:

Butter, kids, cats, and soon rover.

I’ve had a vision that will soon come to light

Thank you for your endless love and support, the end is in sight.

Let the next chapter begin, let’s see where we go —

And know that we can always escape 

To our very own bungalow

I love forever xo


To the neighbor whose lights we view

In the yellow house, with collections of blue.

Thanks for watching over our home,

You’ll be our Valentine all day long.

— Love from L&S


Summer of 1972 —

In the summer of 1972, a school teacher from New Jersey took a job as bartender at the High View Hotel (now called Club Soda), who had sworn off ever teaching summer school again. A full-time firefighter, part-time carpenter, and avid boater/fisherman arrives on island with his friends. They meet. She’s working, and he’s drinking.

Subsequent trips throughout the summer (actually five summers), and not until she tells her boss that she will be taking a leave of absence from teaching and moving to Savannah, Georgia, after the summer does he indicate he is interested in her for more than her bartending skills. By jumping over the bar (in those days, the only way to get behind the bar,) grabbing her in a giant bear hug and planting a very memorable kiss on her lips the first weekend of that summer.

Savannah didn’t happen, and the Jersey girl stayed in Rhode Island after the summer. Engagement occurred in October as he was on one knee painting fireplace trim (girl learned that sometimes a shy guy needed a little nudge) and the wedding took place in January, the first weekend he wasn’t on duty at the station.

Parents stunned at speed of events, but the bride knew what she had been looking for, and found!

Four days shy of our 36th anniversary, he passed away, and is missed every single day.

The house on Block Island we inherited from his uncle was our last project and is a bittersweet treasure.

— Hollie Lawton


To WPF —

NYC January 1970, our first performance together.

NYC January 2020, 50 years dancing forever.

— Love, SQM


To Tryggur —

Please keep our Mama safe 

as you fly down the beach.

We will ride together someday,

it is a date!

— Love, Della


Mom —

Thank you for all that you have done

Shaping me into the woman I have become.

The years of walks by the sea as we watched the tides pull,

Listening to the calls of a gull

The memories you share with me will never come to a halt,

Standing in the tidal pools as we breathe in the salt.


The greatest gift is knowing you in this life.

— Rosemary


You were my first friend and my cousin all at the same time. Eventually, we became best friends at muma and papa’s house, even after rolling in the mud, pulling hair, and fighting. I’m lucky to have known my best friend my whole life. I’m thankful for the past 50 years to have a BFF who makes me laugh so hard that I cry and have to tinkle. Who practices her Marky Mark Boston stand-up routine with me and who knows and loves every bit of who I am without judgement. Happy Valentines Day! You are my person!

— Love, Gambino


Happy Valentines Day to the most amazing husband. You are my solid foundation who helps to ground me and also give me strength and confidence to conquer my fears. I’ve loved you for more than half of my life and I look forward to all of the wonderful adventures that we have to look forward to.  I love you more than words can express, you are the love of my life and my one true love. Thank you for always making me feel like the most beautiful person in the room. I’m blessed and grateful to have you as my best friend and partner.  


— LH