An update on International Student Workers on BI

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 3:00pm

This post is an update on the international student workers situation (previous post here describes the discovery of abuses that have occurred): as before most of the 220 foreign students here have good employers and respond with smiles and assurance they are enjoying themselves when we stop to talk.

BI tourist season is really here by 4th July
more 4th July on BI
Wouldn't be 4th without fireworks

Actions taken by islanders who care: one sponsor did reassign students to a different location; I have spoken to another happily rehoused and in a different job on the island; and, systemically, the housing issue has been raised at Town Council and is on the Agenda soon for further action, a community group has formed coordinated by the BI Residents Association (BIRA), and various further actions are being carried out (creation of "bill of rights", "needs for employer/employee orientation process", "letters to sponsors and state department" ...etc.).

So - to all who enjoy having the students and who employ them with grace and generosity, knowing that happy workers are in everyone's best interests - you keep going - we are looking to see what works and works well. And to anyone not in that position, well, we are looking. Why not approach (BIRA or the new group, ISW Committee) and



for everyone!!

This may be a 'tourist' island, but it does not put profit before people, and most of us know that without the people there wouldn't be any profit anyway if that happened to be your driving motivation.

PS - I am solely responsible for this post, so opinions and inaccuracies (if any) are down to me, not BIRA nor ISW.