Uncovering history

Fri, 05/07/2021 - 1:45pm

To the Editor,
In my opinion, Block Island’s greatest all-time gifts are the 350 miles of stone walls and its gorgeous topography. Unhappily, most of the walls are totally hidden from view. In 1982 when we bought our house, the home inspector outside, with deed in hand, said: “You’re supposed to have a stone wall to the left and another further out. The nearest one was only 50 feet away but could not be seen. As former Stewardship Chairman for Block Island Conservation, my goal was clear, clear, clear. Now we have a new champion, Andy Transue with the Rhode Island Airport Corporation. He has cleared a great deal of land at Center Road across from the airport. This has uncovered walls and topography no one knew was there. It is simply beautiful. Other clearing has occurred on Lakeside Drive and Center Road across from the cemetery. Thanks Andy. You are a hero.
Peter Greenman
Center Road