Too many poles

Fri, 05/07/2021 - 1:30pm

To the Editor,
As I drove around the island recently, delighted by the colorful arrival of spring, the contrarian in me found fault with what took my eye: telephone poles. No longer just the single gray sticks that used to serve, but a new breed, some shoulder to shoulder with the sawed off stumps of the eponymous old. These tall, brown, chemically impregnated monsters, upheld a confusing multitude of new wires, transformers and other what not, some the size of shopping carts.
Ugly! Intrusive! Decidedly non-bucolic!
At the same time I was having that dour thought, I passed the western end of Old Town Road and, right after that, the western end of the airport runway. Old Town Road had just been torn up, widened, and quite a length lined with cement curbing of questionable necessity. It lay exposed, trenchable, waiting for its final surface.
As I reached the airport, the massive poles on Center Road had vanished, only to reappear a quarter-mile further around. Their intrusive burdens had been buried out of sight – by fiat, I guess, of the FAA.
Lovely! Instructive!
It can be done. It should be done. Wherever it can be done. If not for safety’s sake as at the airport, at least for the island’s visual sake.

Meanwhile, I am left to wonder if such consideration had been taken when Old Town Road was being widened and all the other ditching around Old Harbor done. And if not, why not? With so many able bodies at our administrative helm?
P S Wood
Old Mill Road