Time to move on

Thu, 07/19/2018 - 8:30pm

It’s unclear as to why town leadership is maintaining its steadfast opposition to the Quonset-based fast ferry service. 

We understand why Interstate Navigation is against it — that makes sense. Interstate doesn’t want some gadfly business coming in here just during the summer, potentially taking away some of its business, (skimming the cream, so to speak), while it serves the island’s (sometimes critical) needs all year long. But this isn’t about that. The agency overseeing ferry services, the Division of Public Utilities and Carriers, has approved the fast ferry route, and so now the town should step aside and let this thing play out. We’re neither for nor against the Quonset fast ferry service. The market will dictate its success, and if there are congestion issues in Old Harbor they will have to be addressed. However, continuing to spend New Shoreham tax dollars to fight against it is futile.