Thinking in bold strokes

Thu, 08/02/2018 - 8:30pm

Town Manager Ed Roberge has helped to facilitate an enormous — and enormously intriguing — idea to create a new kind of community zone to be located on parcels located near the Block Island School; a zone may eventually include a combination of homes to purchase and rental units. 

It can’t be stressed enough that these are eventualities that will only become a reality after a number of complex issues are overcome. Those issues are both pragmatic and philosophical. On the practical side is the crafting of a new zoning code for the zone that would allow structures to be built on different pieces of property in different zones that now have different uses. 

On the philosophical side is the question of whether or not the town wants, or needs, it. We won’t bother to get into the question of money because we’re so far away from this reality that debate about cost would be purely speculative.

But the important thing is that this represents clear, bold thinking. It’s a concept that can be discussed on concrete terms, and supported or rejected on its merits. 

This is conversation that has just begun, but it’s so transformative that it will require more than simply the participation of the boards and neighbors that will be directly involved in the discussion.

But kudos, first, to Ed Roberge, Town Manager for all of six months, for bringing it forward.