Taking care of beauty

Thu, 04/18/2019 - 8:45pm

It has been a long, dull winter. The snow that sometimes appears to create that lovely white-blanketed New England landscape never appeared (some would say thankfully), and there was a good deal of gray sky and rain. Consecutive warm days that mark the firm arrival of spring struggled to arrive.

The beautiful patches of daffodils are blooming, however, giving us a preliminary glimpse of the colorful season ahead. This beauty does not come about by accident, however, but through care and attention.

Another sign of spring are the young turtles that, for some mysterious reason, decide to leave one perfectly good side of the island to go to another perfectly good side of the island by crossing a road. They’re small, and not very fast, and they perhaps can be easily missed.

But watching out for these individuals is just one way, among uncountable gestures, that we all can do to maintain the natural floral and animal wildlife on our little island, an island that is once again coming alive to show us its inherent beauty.