Take down the fence

Fri, 06/04/2021 - 9:00am

To the Editor,
Your story on the continuing restoration of the Southeast Lighthouse was enlightening. (The Block Island Summer Times, June 2021.) By the time the project is completed millions of dollars and more than twenty-five years will have been spent. Unfortunately it almost impossible for islanders and visitors to see this iconic gem from Mohegan Trail. Perhaps the powers that be would consider the following:

1) Remove the ugly World War II vintage chain link fence. 2) Cut back or remove the scraggly brush from behind the fence. 3) Relocate the food truck and umbrella tables to another part of the property (or island). 5) Replace the chain link fence with a white picket.

The above would involve the expenditure of a few thousand dollars to view the magnificent work that has taken place.
Steve McQueeny
High Street