Summer message from Chief Carlone

Thu, 05/23/2019 - 9:30pm
It's Memorial Day Weekend, the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year.
This means that the ferries are almost at their full schedules, schools are ending their year, visitors are arriving, and we are ready to go.
A few things to note:
- Parking regulations are now in effect. To avoid a citation, please pay attention to the signage and the time limits, especially in town and by the beaches.
- Seat belts, hands-free cell phone communication, speed limits and crosswalks are also important considerations.
- Moped helmets and eye protection are essential, as are bicycle helmets (under 15 years old, but recommended for all ages), riding on the right and lights at night. Business owners with seasonal workers are requested to please encourage your workers to purchase inexpensive lights for their bikes (it is the law) and we want them to be as safe as possible.
- Please do not leave valuables in plain sight in unlocked vehicles. Help us to discourage 'crimes of opportunity.'
- Everyone is advised to lock their bicycles wherever they go. Unlocked bike theft (or re-appropriation) is very common in the summer.
In case of an emergency, do not hesitate to call the New Shoreham Police Department for assistance at (401) 466-3220.
We wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer.