A Story about Diane

Fri, 05/27/2022 - 11:30am

This is a story of the life of a plain and simple person who lived on an island out on the sea. Her name was Diane (Jones) and that explains who she was, nothing more. If you lived on this island, you would have known Diane. She was seemingly around the inner town on any given day that she wasn’t working. She didn’t drive, drink or smoke. Her work was helping to keep people company that were unable to help themselves. A companion, a watchdog, a caregiver is what she was and whatever else it took to make a sick or elderly person smile.
You see Diane never had a bad day or least never let on that she did. Never a complaint uttered from her mouth, her personality was positive on the worst days. What is interesting is that
she appeared to have nothing, wanted nothing but a few possessions, smart clothes and jewelry. That might not have been true but at least that is what she portrayed. Diane’s wealth may
have been far more than what any of us possess one way or the other.
We have known Diane out on this island for many years having had to hire her services for an elderly gentleman whose wife had died. He was a lost soul if not for Diane’s intervention. Merrill Slate’s last years were his best according to him but in reality he didn’t really remember the others any longer anyway. We all try to maintain
a household for the elderly under our jurisdiction but it eventually becomes too much. But too much was never part of Diane’s credentials, she provided her clients with happiness and hope
when it was sometimes otherwise unobtainable.
Diane was not a young woman nor was she an old woman but somewhere in between. She was able to live graciously at a friend's house after caring for an elderly mother then staying on to live and to watch the house all winter while her friend was in Florida. I tried to promote Diane to an old friend that could have used her but he declined.
“She has a bad track record, they all die.” That was true because she stayed until the end.
Today Diane is gone. She was loved by everyone that knew her. Taxi drivers gave her rides when she persisted to pay. The senior food group brought her food. Stores gave her discounts. There is still a sound of music in the hills around John Henry Tripler’s home where Diane and John Henry would sing almost every afternoon despite his extreme disabilities. In Ebbetts Hollow
also there would be swing music, same songs day after day as Diane danced to the delight of an elderly gentleman. Then again it wasn’t just old gentlemen. A retired female lawyer and
prosecutor had Diane tell her stories in detail about Diane’s days as a stripper in Providence. As the snow howled outside, the same stories were repeated over and over again as if never heard before. Diane still had the patience and persistence to remain at her post.
Recently Diane began to fail but wouldn’t admit it. Difficult for her to work as she had done for years. We weren’t sure who was taking care of who. She didn’t need money but wanted to continue at her “profession” and that is certainly what it was. On her last days Diane and her friends lunched and dined unknown to anyone that she had any problem in the world.
Rest In Peace our wild and wonderful Lady Di!