A solution to the town’s dinghy dock? Hopefully, yes.

Thu, 02/01/2018 - 8:30pm

On the next Town Council agenda, printed in full on page 18, there is an item that at first didn’t pop out at us, but its implications soon became clear: “Receive and act on a proposal from John Wronowski Family regarding Town-operated dinghy dock in Great Salt Pond adjacent to rip rap near the end of Ocean Avenue between Dead Eye Dick’s and Payne’s Dock.”

If the terms are favorable to the town, we hope that the Town Council does receive and act on this idea — in a most favorable way.

A town-owned dock in that location is a great idea. It will alleviate the aggravation that many felt last season, when the public dinghy dock space at the Block Island Boat Basin was cut in half, and it will give the town its rightful role in operating the dinghy dock for our boating visitors and residents.

There will be questions about what to do with trash generated by the presence of the dinghy dock down in New Harbor. Given the presence of the Block Island Maritime Institute, as well as the many restaurants and businesses there, the aesthetics of how to handle the trash should be carefully considered.

The Town Council will hopefully approve this right away. This is the way to go.