Small bass with every cast

Sat, 06/11/2016 - 7:00am

The fish are definitely here.

The last two weeks we have seen a huge increase in bait around the island, which in turn has brought in the fish. Squid are in New Harbor, but for the most part they are still fairly small. The warming temperatures are most likely the cause for the recent upswing, and it should only get better from here on out! 

Most of the reports this week have been from shore. The main attraction right now is the increased numbers of smaller-sized striped bass practically jumping from the water on the west side of the island. Just about anyone that has been to the Coast Guard Channel or Charleston Beach caught stripers this week. The fish are chasing around small silversides and sand eels, so stick with smaller swimming lures or sluggos.

Around sunset on the ocean side, you can also fish top water with a popper and have good luck as the bass come in closer to shore. There have been a few reports of schoolie stripers being caught off the breakwater in Old Harbor, which is a good sign. Plenty of bluefish mixed in with the stripers as well, so be careful using a metal leader if you get into the blues. No scup yet, but you can definitely catch fluke with a strip of squid in the channel. 

From boat, mostly everyone right now is focused on the west side for bottom fishing. There are a lot of fluke around, but finding ones that are keeper-size has been difficult. There are a lot of large black seabass around but, as a reminder, the season isn't open until June 24. A few people have already caught stripers on eels, but it will get get better as the larger fish show up later in the month. 

As it is almost every spring on Block Island, the signs point towards a great season to come. Get out there!