Simple ways to reduce fatigue

Mon, 03/28/2022 - 3:30am

Fatigue can indicate a host of things. Men and women who are overworked feel fatigue, as do men and women whose diet is low on nutrition. Fatigue can also be the result of a medical condition, which only sheds light on how important it is for men and women dealing with fatigue to speak to their physician about their condition.

In addition to working with a physician to fight fatigue, there are steps men and women can take reduce fatigue and start feeling more energetic.

• Get off the couch. A sedentary lifestyle will only make it more likely that you will feel fatigued. But including daily exercise as part of your routine will not only boost your energy levels, but also improve circulation, increase your metabolism and relieve tension, an especially valuable benefit for overworked men and women.
• Get some sleep. The notion that sleep can help fight fatigue might sound simple, but a good night’s sleep can elevate energy levels throughout the day, helping the body rest and recover. Failing to get sufficient sleep, which many people find is seven to eight hours per night, can turn today’s fatigue into tomorrow’s fatigue, and so on.

• Address any sources of stress. Fatigue can be a side effect of stress. Many men and women find work is their primary source of stress, but finances and relationship issues can be stressful as well. Whatever the source of your stress, address it and don’t allow it to fester. If it’s work, then look for ways to make  work less stressful, whether it’s telecommuting more often or sharing more responsibilities. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress, but men and women fighting stress-related fatigue should address the source of the stress as well.
• Reduce sugar intake. Sugar might provide an initial burst of energy, especially for people battling fatigue. However, once your blood sugar levels begin to drop, which can happen rather quickly, you will notice a rather steep decline in your energy level. To successfully combat fatigue, avoid relying on quick fixes that only offer temporary relief.

• Alter your eating habits. If you’re a proponent of three large meals per day but are battling fatigue, then it might be time to alter your eating habits. Replace the large meals with smaller meals, and snack throughout the day to maintain high energy levels. Just be sure to consume healthy snacks, and don’t forget to drink water throughout the day. Doing so will fight dehydration, which can also cause fatigue.