Show of snow-white flowers

Thu, 06/17/2021 - 4:45pm

To the Editor,
I recently saw an article in The Times that indicated that Councilman Risom had witnessed a singular event, that he had apparently never witnessed on Block Island. He stated something about witnessing the police chief directing traffic at the ferry for the first time ever.

This is an insult to the former and current staff that is inexcusable. Ask Lt. Deane how many times in the last many years he has directed traffic there. Ask the former staff and community service officers how many times they directed traffic there and in many other locations.

I personally walked that area continuously and assisted with traffic problems for hundreds of hours in 18 years.

That is why the town had very few serious incidents in this extremely congested area, because we maintained it as best we could.
While as a citizen I admire and respect Chief Moynihan’s efforts and I believe he is trying his very best for our community; I must suggest that if that is truly the first time Councilor Risom has ever witnessed a uniformed police officer directing traffic in that area he should seriously consider consulting with a new optometrist.

Vin Carlone
Southeast Road
Block Island