Sharing expertise

Thu, 06/17/2021 - 4:45pm

It takes a village to raise a child and on Block Island we are fortunate to be able to provide our students with internships and hands-on experience. Individuals have allowed students to explore career goals, develop professional working relationships, all while getting an in-depth perspective on careers. These opportunities are invaluable experiences each senior student will be able to use to guide them through adulthood. The following individuals have allowed this to happen: Sven and Laura Risom, Karen Logan, Alexandra Littlefield, Beth Rousseau, Chris Hobe, Kate McConville, Shea Butcher, Michael Hartman, Scott Heinz, Jeff Wright, Tom Durden, Jenn Brady, Allison Warfel, and Tim Mooney. Without these extraordinary mentors, experiences wouldn’t be possible.

The priceless skills from businesses such as North Light Fibers, Champlin’s, and Heinz Construction will guide the seniors on how to become entrepreneurs. The Block Island Volunteer Fire Department, Harbors, Building Department, The Nature Conservancy, and Block Island Power Company have demonstrated how nonprofits are an integral part of our community. From the class of 2021 and myself, thank you so much for your time, effort and dedication to the future of Block Island.

Roberta Closter
Block Island School