See you in court

Fri, 04/23/2021 - 10:15am

To the Editor,
In spite of rebuff from Supreme Court, Champlin’s is still holding out for a backroom marina expansion approval.
One would think that when the R.I. Supreme Court dismissed the Champlin’s/CRMC joint motion to the court to accept a CRMC approval for a secretly negotiated marina expansion plan, as a settlement to the case, they would have quit, but instead Champlin’s attorney has filed a statement with the court that says that since Champlin’s and the CRMC have already reached an agreement and approval for an alternate marina expansion plan, the case might be disposed of in a more expedited fashion. The fact that Champlin’s is providing an argument that the court specifically rejected in denying the Champlin’s/CRMC joint motion seems odd, but signals that they are far from giving up.
The next check point will be on May, 10 when the Superior Court will hear motions from the town and the other objectors, including Attorney General Peter Neronha, which complain that it was unlawful for the CRMC to enter into negotiations with Champlin’s for a backroom marina expansion deal while the case was on appeal before the Supreme Court.
Hopefully the Superior Court will agree and order that the backroom deal and CRMC’s approval for an alternate marina expansion plan was unlawful.
All of this has shined a light on other CRMC marina expansion approvals like the Jamestown Boat Yard proposal that is now being appealed with the support of the Attorney General. It has also sparked legislative interest in the form of a bill introduced by Representative Ruggiero of Jamestown who is asking for the legislature to form a commission to study how the CRMC operates and whether it needs restructuring.
Rhode Island’s unique and fragile environment is too important a resource to be squandered by unregulated, unscrupulous development.
Henry duPont
Beacon Hill Road