School Lunch Menu June 3 - 7

Thu, 05/30/2019 - 8:30pm

Monday: Grilled ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat and mixed salad. Soup: Gypsy

Tuesday: Falafel wrap with edamame hummus greens and cucumber yogurt dressing. Soup: Chicken noodle

Wednesday: Chicken and broccoli pasta with wheat roll. Soup: Red Lentil

Thursday: Sweet potato and black bean tacos with raw veggies. Soup: Vegetable and rice in turkey broth

Friday: Whole wheat pancakes with Strawberry yogurt parfait. Soup: TBA

Alternative meals: Chicken and cheese, or cheese quesadilla; or spinach, cheese and refried bean taco. All with soup of the day.

Available with all meals: Soup, fresh fruit, drinks, chips, ice cream, and milk.

The Block Island School is an Equal Opportunity Provider.