Saving lives

Fri, 09/02/2022 - 1:30pm

To the Editor,
Just before noon on Sunday August 28, a distress call went out on VHF CH 16 for a vessel having a medical emergency off Black Rock headed north, an unresponsive male.
Not knowing the exact location or make of boat, Josh Moore, the Old Harbor dock master, Chris High, assistant dock master, along with Bruce Cooley, retired assistant fire chief of the Warwick Fire Department, and Adam Pombriant, Johnston Fire Department, headed out to assist.
Their quick response getting to the patient and having CPR started immediately helped save this man’s life.
They were met on the dock by BIVFRD and the patient was airlifted out for further evaluation.
Josh is an invaluable employee to my Department and Chris has been a fantastic addition to the Old Harbor team. Bruce spends most of the summer in Old Harbor on his boat and is part of the Old Harbor family. Adam, also a frequent visitor to Old Harbor, was out visiting with family.
Thank you guys! You saved a life today.
Kate McConville