The red maple:

some random thoughts
Fri, 04/22/2022 - 3:00am

Blazing autumn trails: generosity,
spreading of red maples: peaceful, bright,
a visual warmth to light the way, defy
winter’s icy grasp or southland’s swamps.
Red maple comes from, goes, most everywhere,
Canada, Everglades, places in between;
Some reds began in Norway or Japan.
Maple wood is “tonewood”: gives a bright sound
to violins, drums, guitars, bassoons and more.
Maple wood can be wavy, a bird’s-eye grain
sanded to adorn a table top.
In spring, the red flowers of the tree appear;
in summer, red fruits, samara, in whirligigs:
those little “helicopters,” spinning blades
swirl red maple seeds where they will go.
Then the red leaves, flaming garb of fall,
blaze their welcoming warmth to one and all:
one hundred fifty years the trees may live.
The nature of a tree is but to give.
Fran Migliaccio
to the Block Island School children
Arbor Day 2022
(And I will add: red maples are a food source for white-tailed deer, so please protect your new red maple by putting some fencing around it! - Fran)