Re: Melanie Wilk’s letter in last weeks paper

Fri, 05/14/2021 - 2:30pm

To the Editor
Dear Sir, It was with great consternation that I read that letter from Melanie Wilk! She stated clearly, and with heartfelt feeling, just exactly how I have felt for many years after I came back to the island after spending twenty years away in the USN. I also come from a long line of island folk about three hundred sixty four years. When I came back in 1975, the island had barely changed at all. Granted there were a few more houses than when I left in 1962, but the businesses that were here, were the same ones. Different owners in some cases, but virtually unchanged as far as new construction was concerned. It started slow and wasn’t really noticeable, but over the years the school committee was the one I watched, and I began to see things that were being forced on us by the State, but more troubling was the teachers’ union was demanding more and more but giving back less and less. Then I began to pay attention to what was going on the other boards and commissions.
I spent a couple of years on the planning board and on the council for two years.
Every time I saw something that I didn’t think was kosher or just plain wrong for this town, I was consistently voted down because of the good old ‘party lines’ that existed here. A lot of the items that showed up on the docket were put there by some of these ‘newcomers’ to the island and again were not always to the benefit of the town.
Well, I guess you could say I abrogated my duty to the voters that put me there in order to stop the outrageous amounts of money being spent like there was no tomorrow! That mindset that had infiltrated all the boards and commissions was, “that we could do whatever we damned well please because we are the majority and do not much care for the opponents thoughts on any subject.”
I continually wondered where all this “ready cash” was going to come from, and if I was going to be able to meet my tax burden when they came for their pound of flesh! For the first 10 to 15 years, my income level was right on a par with the poverty level decided by more bureaucrats in D.C.
Melanie’s letter to you folks came at almost the right time, maybe one week earlier would have been fortuitous. Or maybe not! Look at how much attention was paid to Martha Ball’s concise, coherent and absolutely right on the mark in every respect letter. She all but called out all the special interest groups who spend these millions of dollars and put future generations deep in debt. They don’t care about future generations! All they care about is their status among all their peers. Let’s see, Joe Jones just built a $2.5 million house so now, I have to build a bigger monstrosity on top of the highest hill that isn’t already sporting a giant edifice for two or three people. There was something that smells of dead fish in that whole affair, as it appears it was done under the table leaving two councilors completely out of the decision making process!
I sent a version of this rant to the BIBB, with notification to them that I was sending a version of it to you folks. I’m still waiting for it to be posted. Oops! 1904hrs  /11/21 I just got notified that my community service message is considered political pandering so they won’t post it. It had none of the political stuff in it that is in this one.
Back to the present, reading Melanie’s letter just makes me feel so melancholy for what the descendants of mine will have to say about what we did to absolutely destroy, “One of the Last Great Places in the World!” I’m afraid that we have reached the point of no return for us here on this Jewel in the Atlantic. It also appears to be happening on the National level too.
Everett R Littlefield ADCM, AC,
FE, NO, USN, Ret.