Peace on Earth

Fri, 12/24/2021 - 9:08am

“Gloria to God in the highest and on earth peace to people of good will!” That’s the proclamation. That’s the promise. What is the disconnect? Can there be “good will” in the absence of a glorified God? Can there be “peace on earth” without “people of good will?” It seems not. When we fail to recognize the God of creation and our dependence on Him for everything, we are trapped by self-centeredness, a me-first and a mine- before-all-others mentality. There is no room for God, no room for others, no time for peace on earth.

In a challenging book, “Life is Messy,” authored by Matthew Kelly, the point is unsettlingly made that life is messy and there is no other kind of life! If it’s living, its messy - vegetable, animal and human! Happiness for us is the acceptance of the mess and messiness in us and about us. Then the author puts it to us: a good life amidst the messiness is goodness itself. Aw! Come on. It must be more complicated than that. Right? Yes, if we are trying to “improve” on the proclamation, one up the Angels. It is good to recognize God for being God. To acknowledge that God is in charge and we are not; that Jesus did not replace our messiness but, in fact, enfleshed Himself in our messy world. The promise of Jesus is we can indeed do good things for friend and foe creating the atmosphere for peace on earth and glory to God in the highest. It is not either or, but both and. Jesus, the best of our kind, shows us how to do good things and makes the mess our common ground.
May your Christmas be whole-some and the New Year fulfill your hopes and dreams.