Opportunities to serve

Thu, 11/15/2018 - 8:00pm

Second Warden André Boudreau has an interesting essay in this week’s edition, outlining why he specifically ran for Second Warden, a position he was first elevated to by the members of the Town Council following the death of Norris Pike, who held the job at the time of his passing.

Boudreau, who ran unopposed this year, managed to garner the most votes of any local candidate, so island residents clearly approve of the way he’s helping to handle the town’s business.

In the essay he tells the story of being at a political event, and he notices a man sitting by himself who seems to have a steady stream of deferential visitors. Boudreau walks over to introduce himself, only to find the man has had a long career in Rhode Island politics.

At the end of his piece, Boudreau asks a provocative question: Are you going to be the man at the table who threw his hat into the ring to try to make a difference?

Although what Boudreau writes about seems to be specific to his particular political perch, it can be applied to any of the many open seats on town boards and commissions, the full list of which was published last week in The Block Island Times, and which can be reviewed on the homepage of new-shoreham.com under the apt heading “Opportunities to serve.”

There are many ways to help out, and it might be nice to think about one day being that person, sitting at a table, with people coming by to shake your hand, saying “Thanks for helping out.”