Nominations sought for Bayberry Wreath Award

Thu, 02/20/2020 - 7:00pm

This year marks the 37th anniversary of one of Block Island’s signature recognitions: the annual Bayberry Wreath Award that honors outstanding contributions to the health of the island’s environment.

If there is someone you would like to honor, The Block Island Times is now accepting nominations for 2020. Last year’s honorees were Margie and Bill Comings, seen here with Block Island Times publisher Michael Schroeder.

Block Island is a recognized leader in conservation, and past honorees have been instrumental in this ongoing success. The Bayberry Wreath Award was established by former publishers of The Block Island Times, Peter and Shirley Wood, in 1984. (The inaugural honoree was Barbara Burak.)

Please email Lars Trodson at or send a note to The Block Island Times, P.O. Box 278, Block Island, R.I. 02807 to nominate someone you feel has contributed to the well-being of our island community.

Thank you!