MVFH seeks new board member

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 7:45am

The  Commission on Motor Vehicles for Hire is looking for a community member to fill an at-large, non-licensee position.

Members agreed that it was important to get the position filled in order to have proper representation from the community, and to make sure there’s enough members available to conduct business.

Any interested resident can contact Town Hall, or Chairman Brad Marthens, for more information.

The Commission noted that the Town Solicitor is now working on a new regulation requiring criminal records and background checks for town chauffeurs. Members were positive about the legislation, adding that safety was always a priority.

Some discussion surrounded a possible town ordinance change to allow more than four drivers per taxi — including the taxi owner — if the taxi owner is unable to drive due to age, disability or other circumstances.

The request came from driver Judy Clark, who said that because her owner can’t drive she has a hard time filling hours consistently, especially during the peak season. “We just can’t [fill] all days, all hours,” she said.

“We need to keep it simple and real,” said Vice Chairman Vin McAloon.

The matter will be discussed at a future meeting.