More surveys…

Fri, 05/20/2022 - 3:00pm

To the Editor,
We have created a survey to collect responses to how Attainable/Affordable Housing should be funded. There are many options, each with its pluses and minuses. We’d like to see if this survey can provide some direction by consensus, and also if people have ideas we have not thought of. We would like to close the survey by May 31, 2022.
Please use the link at the bottom to take the survey. It is 15 questions, and so far has taken on average 11 minutes to complete. You will have to add your name and address to the survey. We will strip those from the database as soon as we can confirm the response is by the person who submitted the response. This is to minimize the chance of “stacking the deck.”
Thank you for your understanding. r/KGWYM7Y

Chris Warfel
Block Island
Attainable/Affordable Housing