More on Financial Town Meeting

Fri, 05/21/2021 - 1:30pm

To the Editor,
There is much to applaud in Melanie Blane Wilk’s letter (and now Everett’s) concerning the vote at the recent Financial Town Meeting. In it, she examined at considerable length the controversial purchase of the “Overlook” property, paid for in part with local taxes on top of conservation money. Well and good. But her conclusion (like Everett’s) in its “them” against “us” tone, left me troubled: She wished that if only more “locals” – presumably those who shared her admirable island pedigree – had shown up, the vote to approve “easily could have gone the other way.”
In which case, what certainly amounted to “an egregious asking price” might have been reserved for more pressing causes, an outcome she (and Everett) obviously favored.
But had those locals shown up and killed the purchase, would that, indeed, have produced a better outcome? I think not. What
it certainly would have done is dampen enthusiasm, both local and off-island, to spend further for open space.

P S Wood
(an unpedigreed local)
Old Mill Road