A modest proposal

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 9:00pm

The New Shoreham Town Council, tasked with coming up with some ideas about how another round-trip schedule could be added to the ferry schedule in the winter, has come up with an elegant suggestion.

The members didn’t make it complicated, didn’t try to be too clever, or make a political point; their task was simple: offer Interstate Navigation a suggestion as to how another round-trip could be added so that the ferry company could weigh in on the feasibility of the idea, and estimate what impact this might have on the ticket price.

The Council also has asked Interstate to shift its Sunday schedule to an hour later on Sundays to make it more convenient for residents to get back to the island on Sunday nights.

We hope that Interstate can accommodate this rather modest request. We also understand that the price of a ticket may go up, with what we hope will also be corresponding modesty.