Magical Island

Fri, 04/08/2022 - 9:45am

Java before dawn
A few words of connection - with Beatrice at ‘the Surf’
Then dawn’s early light, warming the air about those recognized rockers
Gulls greeting the day with echoes of optimism
Splashing waves ripple at the core of me
It’s a place!
It’s a feeling!
It’s a child’s imagination dancing in quiet excitement
A readiness for the multitude of possibilities
Ferries a many - sometimes three toots and a reverse throttle
Greenways moving me, as I meander
‘Mohegan’ awaiting
Salt Pond surviving – the cherrystones nestle for another season
And Payne Road – a harmonizing maestro
Conviviality and gustatory delights
Light fare at ‘the Surf’ – oh, those apple dumplings
“Twisted Sister’ at noon
Later ‘Eli’s’ for more – the very best!
Wild berries carry me in between
Nap as I may
On the warm island sands
Or maybe eyes closed in one of those rockers
But only for awhile
For there is more to do
Reflection and contemplation of summers past
In the east, the moon climbing across ‘the Ocean View’
And Dad singing an Irish Lullaby near ‘the world’s longest bar’
Reflections ushered across the Salt Pond at dusk
Captured while standing on the wrap-around porch
The taffy man steadfast with his samples
Aldo’s song to the mariners: ‘Andiamo!’
A horse-drawn carriage on Crescent Beach
Kids playing along ‘the Narragansett’s’ sloping lawn
Memories with me and for me and to be shared
They buoy my soul
Please stay!
Don’t go away!
I’m ‘at home’
In this magical place