Lynch awarded Old Town Road bridge contract

Project to be completed by May
Fri, 10/06/2017 - 9:30am

Cumberland, Rhode Island-based J.H. Lynch and Sons was awarded the contract to refurbish the Mill Pond Bridge. The Town Council unanimously approved awarding the contract. 

Town Solicitor Katherine Merolla said Lynch was the lowest of three bidders, having submitted a bid of $695,920 for the project.

Merolla said the other bidders on the project were the Providence-based Narragansett Improvement Company, which bid $847,975, and Quality Construction Works, based in Richmond, Virginia, which bid $918,750.

J.H. Lynch and Sons was one of the contractors that installed the Wind Farm cable transmission system on the island. 

Town Finance Director Amy Land told The Block Island Times on Tuesday that the “project is estimated at $821,126” and includes “construction administration, inspection services, PAL (Public Archaeology Laboratory) documentation of the historical features during construction, and previously expended amounts for design/engineering/permitting.”  

“We expect to finance a total of $745,000 through the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank’s Municipal Road and Bridge Revolving Fund,” said Land. “$296,000 of that is already in place, and the RIIB board is considering our request for the $449,000 tomorrow. Authorization for those borrowings was from the May 2014 Financial Town Meeting. The balance is/has been funded through the Fiscal Year 2017 and Fiscal Year 2018 operating budgets.” 

During the meeting, Boudreau asked Facilities Manager Sam Bird when construction would begin on the project. Bird said Geremia and Highways Supervisor Mike Shea are overseeing the project.

Shea told The Times that he “will be having a pre-construction meeting with town engineer Jim Geremia and Lynch construction in the very near future.” He also said the project “will be completed before May.”