Look, no hands!

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 8:30pm

One of the reasons why governing bodies keep passing new laws is because human beings, by and large, have a difficult time with self-discipline. It’s no secret that drinking and driving is not only against the law, but stunningly dangerous, and yet there was a DUI arrest by the State Troopers on the island this weekend. We know we’re not supposed to text and drive, but we’ve done it anyway — resulting, for some people, in unfathomably tragic results.

But the General Assembly has passed a law, going into effect this week, that says you can no longer hold your handheld device in your hand while you drive. The law was sponsored by state Sen. Susan Sosnowski. This is, sadly, a necessary law. Usually, it takes some time, and more than a few citations, for these laws to filter down into the consciousness of the general population, but out here on Block Island we can move much faster.

The New Shoreham Police Department will have enough to do this upcoming summer — checking on speeding, alcohol and drug use, non-helmet wearing bikers and moped-riders, and other mishaps and accidents — without having to worry about people holding their phones while they should be concentrating on driving. Especially on our crowded roads.

As of June 1, it’s the law, and an easy one to obey.