A little help, please?

Thu, 12/07/2017 - 7:30pm

Town Finance Director Amy Land, IT Specialist Michelle Spero, and Facilities Manager Sam Bird have full-time jobs that are busy enough on their own, never mind having to grapple with the issues surrounding the high-speed internet initiative. All three are adjunct members of the New Shoreham Broadband Committee, but they have become the point people in terms of doing the necessary research into all the very many facets that are needed to turn this project into reality.

The most recent Broadband meeting revealed just how daunting this is, and the members of the Committee, almost plaintively, asked the three if there was anything they could do to help. Spero and Land said they were plugging along, but it may be time for the Town Council to find and fund an able-minded assistant to do some of the legwork and help the process along. This is not a criticism of the work the three adjunct members are doing; far from it. They just need some help.

The project is moving along on two parallel tracks: one track is to see whether the School, the Island Free Library, and the Medical Center can be wired first, in part because their needs are more immediate. The trick here is to be able to piggy-back on the other track: the larger island-wide project, if and when it comes into play. You don’t want these two to become two separate or even competing projects.

An able-bodied assistant may speed up the answer to the central question of whether the smaller project can be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time. That is still very much an open question. Finding someone who can competently do the complicated research and help Land, Spero, and Bird give a definitive answer on the smaller project as soon as possible seems like the best way to go.