Linda Closter honored

Receives BIRA’s Island Treasure award
Fri, 09/22/2017 - 10:00am

Block Island Residents Association Annual Meeting

Ed. Note: The following was sent to The Block Island Times by BIRA members Donna Corey and Bill Penn:

Block Islander Linda Closter, who has worked as a nurse at the Block Island Medical Center for many years, was awarded the Block Island Residents Association’s second annual Island Treasure Award at BIRA’s annual meeting on Saturday, Sept. 16 at the Block Island Maritime Institute. Closter received a plaque from BIRA President Bill Penn and Treasurer Donna Corey commemorating the award.

During the meeting, Penn outlined the accomplishments of the Association over the past year including the purchase of beach grass plugs, which were planted on the revetment by Block Island School students, and installing new “keep off the dunes” signs. Treasurer Donna Corey, outlined the sound financial status of the Association.

Departing board members Mike Ballard, Becky Brown, Josh Maldonado, Jennifer Phillips, Steve Robison and Peter Saxon were thanked and recognized. Betty Lang and Bayard Livingston were elected as new board members.

The highlight of the meeting was the presentation of the Island Treasure Award to Linda Closter, who received a two-minute standing ovation of appreciation for her contribution to the Block Island community. The Rhode Island Senate presented Closter with a special Citation of Appreciation given to her by Nurse Practitioner Liz Dyer. Closter also received a special gift from the Block Island Health Services Board that was presented to her by Board President Cindy Baute.

Of the event, Corey told The Block Island Times that, “The room was overflowing because of Linda. She had standing ovations that went on and on. She received a plaque from BIRA, a citation from the State Senate and a gift from the Block Island Health Services board of directors.”

The meeting concluded with Broadband Chair, McKernan, making a presentation regarding the Committee’s work to date. McKernan reiterated the need for improved internet service on the island and outlined the three alternatives for the service that the Committee is looking at: hard wired fiberoptic, hard wired fiberoptic with wireless, or Wi-Fi compatibility.

The social time food was catered by the Beachead Restaurant.