Thu, 08/22/2019 - 9:00pm

A great trip

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Bristol Yacht Club, I am writing in thanks and recognition of the wonderful job the Harbormaster and his crew did in during our recent two-day visit to the island as part of our weeklong summer cruise. The Harbormaster’s office was extremely responsive to our questions during the planning stage of the cruise. Their performance on the water was outstanding, guiding our fleet of 29 boats to moorings in an efficient and safe manner. Twenty-nine boats, arriving in the middle of high season, what could go wrong? Thanks to the Harbormaster’s office, nothing!

Our stay on the island was simply magnificent. Our cruisers enjoyed cycling and hikes to Mohegan Bluffs and the Southeast Lighthouse, touring the wind farm on the high-speed ferry, enjoying lobster rolls and other great seafood options at local restaurants, spending time shopping, eating ice cream, and in some cases all of the above! Kudo’s to Block Island Tourism Council for helping us find the many treasures and activities the island has to offer.

A highlight of our visit was a wonderful dinner at BIMI, catered by Kimberly's and graciously hosted by Jim Fiorato, Commodore of the Block Island Yacht Club. The food was outstanding, only to be bested by the camaraderie between the two clubs.

We as a club had not visited the island in some time. Thanks to the Harbormaster and his office, in conjunction with the work being done by the Tourism Council, and, of course, our friends at the Block Island Yacht Club, we will be back soon.

Thank you and best regards,

Paul Redman

Fleet Captain,

Bristol Yacht Club

Bristol Rhode Island


Safe delivery

To the Editor:

I suppose if you only know her first name and even had the fire number completely wrong,  you can still get it delivered to the right P.O. Box.

Only on Block Island!

Bob Perry

Spring Stree