Thu, 08/01/2019 - 9:00pm

Helping to reduce food waste

To the Editor:

A couple of weeks ago there was an article in The Block Island Times regarding all the good and unopened food being tossed in the trash as renters leave the property. The amount of waste was overwhelming to me.

This week I made up a sign for my renters asking them to consider leaving unopened/unused food they prefer not to take with them and that it could be used by the cleaners' families or passed on by them to others who are in need. 

I also added that they are not free to leave leftovers or partially used food and that these must be removed from the premises when leaving.

I am hoping that my renters will be conscientious about this and adhere to my request.

Donna Corey

Southwest Point


Thank you, thank you

To the Editor:

Thank you to everyone who supported me and came out to the Dog Days of Summer fundraiser at The Atlantic Inn on Monday. It was amazing to see so many people in this community bring their dogs up to the Atlantic and all hang out together.

A $5,000 commitment was daunting, and I could not have raised all of this money without the support of so many people. Thank you to Brad and Anne Marthens for hosting the event at The Atlantic. Thank you to Logan Mott Chase for helping me organize everything and for all your great ideas. Thank you to Denny, Eric, and the entire kitchen staff at The Atlantic for making dog treats. Thank you to Meg Vitacco for donating dog toys and treats and being a great partner and sponsor for this fundraiser. Thank you to the canine and human community for your donations and wagging tails!

I’ll be riding the Pan-Mass Challenge on the first weekend of August, and all of the money from the fundraiser will support cancer research at Dana Farber. I can’t wait to do this again next year!

With gratitude,

Kate MacDougall

West Side Road


A good round

To the Editor:

The Block Island Lions Club held its annual July Golf Tournament at Richmond Country Club on Monday, July 15. There were 76 golfers who enjoyed a perfect day of 18 holes of golf. The winning team was comprised of Charlie Weber, Jeff Cowles, Chris Orgen, and Justin Curan. Ladies Longest Drive: Shawne Causgrove. Ladies Closest to the Pin: Michele Reeves. Men's Long Drive: Irio Dutra. Men's Closest to the Pin: Louis Marsella Jr. Tammy Tyler won the 50/50 raffle.

All proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund. Each year the Lions Club awards a graduating senior of the Block Island School a scholarship, which will continue for three additional years if the student remains in good academic standing.

For those of you who missed the tournament, the Lions Club will be hosting another tournament on Monday, Sept. 9, at Elmridge Country Club. For details, see Gary Delaney or me.

Michelle Phelan 

Chair, Block Island Lions Club Golf Committee


55 years young

To the Editor:

The 55th Barbershop Quartet Festival is now history. It was a success by any measure. First, the music was first-rate. Ask anyone  who went. Then there were 22 singers on the island arriving Friday and leaving Sunday. Our local economy was certainly helped. No singer receives any compensation so expenses are very low and net profit very high. All net proceeds go to The Mary D. Fund. This year with the greatest pride I report a new all-time record net profit of $10,895. By any measure, this event is a win-win.

Another major reason for the profit are the five host families for the quartets. If it were not for these families, the festival would operate at a loss. Many thanks to them. The Block Island Times is thanked for their coverage and banner. Interstate Navigation is generous to the singers, as well. Typing is done pro bono by an island person. Thanks to you all and of course all who made contributions.

Aldo’s is is to be thanked for staying open late as all  singers and some audience members go there after the show to eat. Then, in the morning, The 1661 is open late for all singers who ate well and sang some more.

Some singers have told me it is the best time of their Barbershop year. Planning for next year has already begun. The event will next be held on July 18, 2020. Thanks to all of you who were in the audience and helped make the show the success it was.

Peter Greenman

Festival Manager


A Block Island tradition

To the Editor:

On Saturday, July 27th, our fifth annual pond swim took place at Andy’s Way, The Great Salt Pond Swim – 5. 109 swimmers took part in the event, ranging in age from 11 to 79 and the weather was perfect.

Without all the paddle boarders, led by Jeffrey Smith, and the boats organized by Sven Risom, this event would not be possible, since the safety of our swimmers is our primary concern. In addition to our waterfront patrols, this event would not even exist without the incredible generosity of our sponsors, swimmers, and volunteers. Their support makes it possible to protect the Great Salt Pond, by keeping it clean, healthy, and protecting the sea life in the Pond. With a very deep gratitude we thank all of our waterfront volunteers.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors: Valenti Motors; Beachcomber; The Block Island Sports Shop (which supplied our great swim caps); Aldo’s Italian Restaurant (which supplied the delicious pizza for all our swimmers and volunteers); Ocean Adventures; and The Block Island Club. A very special thanks goes out to our major sponsor for this event, Sullivan Sotheby’s International Realty, a company that makes this event a reality. Also, our volunteers: Jeffrey Smith and crew; all the Block Island Club volunteers; Mike Tripp, Betsy Pyne; Lonni Todd; David Roosa; Sven Risom; Cindy Pappas; Bob Greenlee; Bruce Johnson; Carl Kaufmann; Tricia and David Foley; Webb Moore; Priscilla and David Shepherd; Jan Wruck; John Raynor; Theresa Sisto; Jock Sisto; Henry Dupont; Barbara MacMullan; Jane and Gordon Nelson. A simple thank you is not enough for this group.

A special thanks to Steve Land, the Harbor’s Department, the Highway Department, Block Island Rescue Squad, Mike Shea, and Rob Brown for helping us out with this event.

“The Great Salt Pond Swim – 6” will take place at Andy’s Way on Saturday, July 25, 2020. You can sign up for the swim at www.CGSPBlockisland.org — click 2020 Swim (where you will find a participant packet), click on “Register.” The swim will also be listed on Active.com. The registration fee is $60 and on-line registration will open Oct. 1, 2019

And of course, a huge thank you to our swimmers, all 109 of you, and we hope to see all of you again, and some of your friends next year, on July 25, 2020 for “The Great Salt Pond Swim - 6.” What better way to experience the Pond, than to swim in it.

For the Committee for the Great Salt Pond

Cheryl Moore


You can pay in cash

To the Editor:

This year, the General Assembly passed, and Governor Raimondo signed into law, legislation that protects the rights of customers to pay for things in cash.

As the lead sponsor of the legislation, I believed that credit card-only policies are discriminatory to the elderly, youth, and those living in poverty. I also believed there were significant privacy and identity-theft concerns surrounding businesses that only accept credit cards for payment.

I was grateful that my colleagues in the General Assembly understood the need for this bill and voted for its passage, with the law taking effect upon the passage and signing of the legislation into law.

This is why I was so troubled when I saw a recent news report stating that a local business was disregarding this new law and continuing to only accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Although some businesses might argue for the benefits of cashless payment, I would like to remind them that such business models are in violation of the current state law and will not be tolerated.

People use cash for a multitude of reasons and not everyone has access to credit cards. Excluding these people from purchasing goods and services is simply not fair and will be detrimental to our economy in the long run.

Thankfully, some credit-only businesses are now following the law by switching to accepting cash. It is my hope that next time I’m in Providence and visit Poindexter Coffee in the Graduate Providence Hotel that I will be able to reach into my pocket for some legal tender and buy a cup of their wonderful coffee.

Mia Ackerman

Cumberland, R.I.

Ackerman, a Democrat, represents District 45 in the RI House of Representatives.