Thanks for mentors
Fri, 06/10/2022 - 2:45pm

Dear Community,

It does take a village and in this instance two very special community members. My daughter, Celeste, recently completed her senior project. Drawing from her experience at London College of Fashion and Rhode Island School of Design, local artist and mentor, Anna Mleczko, guided my daughter to complete a report on the impacts of fast fashion on the environment.
Further assisted by local artist and entrepreneur, Liz Doherty, of The Traveling Seamstress, Celeste created her own graduation dress.
We all know spring to be a hectic transition time on Block Island, which is also the culmination of the senior projects. I am so grateful to these two mentors for contributing their expertise and volunteer hours to teach and guide Celeste. The senior projects, headed up by Roberta Closter and supported by the school teachers and staff is certainly a high point of senior year!

Jill Seppa
West Side Road