Nine ways to be a good tourist
Fri, 06/03/2022 - 5:00pm

To the Editor,
I sent the following to the Chamber of Commerce and others suggested I send it to you as a letter to editor.
Perhaps the tourist ambassadors could also tell tourists the good behavior they should have while on the island, which might include at least the following:
1. Rent bikes not mopeds (better for your health and do not make noise or fumes).
2. Even better is to walk when possible (it is a small island).
3. Take your trash back with you (leave only footsteps in the sand).
4. Keep your voice down (this is a small quiet island).
5. Walk on trails (do not go off trails or destroy vegetation).
6. Enjoy the natural beauties of the island (not the liquor).
7. Respect the people that live here (this is their home).
8. Remember you are trespassing on people’s lives (be considerate of their feelings).
9. Always buy from local residents (they need the funds not big corporations).
The above might be the nine ways of being a good tourist.
Jan Wampler