In the dark
Fri, 06/03/2022 - 5:00pm

To the Editor,
I often receive inquiries regarding solar technology and policies as BIPCo has to my knowledge never posted information to the BIBB regarding this, so I am attempting to provide this information, etc. on the island’s behalf. Recall how many postings there have been for weather and distribution system updates. To say most people
are in the dark is an unfortunate pun. Despite repeated requests over 1.5 years for BIPCo to obtain professional expertise on this important environmental and energy technology, the management and previous board refused. That says a lot about the people involved and their willingness to be educated on behalf of us, the shareholders.
To understand why I made the request for outside expertise please understand that management refused to believe that this technology could operate independent of the utility. I had to point out the tens of thousands of boats, cabins, RVs, military hospitals, and facilities in developing countries that have these systems independent of having to tie into a utility that is most likely using energy sources from unfriendly countries, risky fuel supplies, etc. It has become exasperating. Please go to the BIPCo website to learn about their
“new, 1980s” customer generation program.
Christopher Warfel
High Street