At season’s end
Fri, 06/03/2022 - 4:45pm

To the Editor,
The Block Island Hurricanes Varsity Softball team deserves congratulations and praise for the grit, determination, and strength of character displayed during this difficult season.
The seniors on the team, especially, deserve recognition. They could have given up when they started the season 1-6, but they didn’t. They could have given up when, after winning their last two games to qualify for the postseason, they were matched up with mighty Tolman in the first round. Tolman, with their college-ready pitching ace, who had previously beaten the Hurricanes 14-2. They could have given up, but they didn’t.
The Hurricanes could have given up when their coach quit on them the day of the playoff game, while on the ferry to the mainland. The team had to sit in Point Judith and take the next ferry a couple of hours later back to the island, their season seemingly ended by the coach’s untimely decision.
But when the team got back to the Block Island School, they had a team meeting. And the seniors on the team showed who the adults actually are. Coaches come and go. Over the years, these seniors have had plenty of coaches as they’ve played softball, soccer, volleyball, and basketball for the school. The one thing they’ve always had on every one of those teams over the years is each other. And they had each other’s backs one more time, as the seniors took charge and rallied the rest of the team to meet at the ferry terminal the next morning for the makeup game.
They even conscripted an extra senior to suit up, just in case there weren’t enough players. This was the last postseason these student athletes could play in together, and
they weren’t about to let it be robbed from them by a coach’s rash decision.
Special thanks is due to Athletic Director Matt Moran and Superintendent Bob Gerardi for going over the coach’s helmet and rescheduling the game, as well as Varsity Basketball Coach Chris Crawford who stepped up to coach the game with Dr. Gerardi as his assistant coach.
The seniors reminded all of us that they are adults now, and this is their time. They took charge and showed their character, sportsmanship, and willpower, leading their team to do the right thing despite being confronted with island drama, adversity, and controversy. If you’re worried about how this group of seniors is going to fare in the world after
they graduate, don’t be. Their character, determination, courage, and loyalty indicate they’ll be just fine.
Steve Hester
Proud parent of two
Block Island Hurricanes
Amy Dodge Lane