It’s on!

Fri, 07/20/2018 - 5:45am

Coming into the middle of July and we have finally seen some bigger fish caught — and in good numbers — around the island.

Fishing from the shore has been good all along the south side of the island using big swimmers and needlefish. There is a large presence of mackerel on all sides of the island, as well as squid and sandeels. If fishing with bait from the beach, clams have been producing stripers on the east beaches at night. The Coast Guard Channel has a large presence of big porgy offering the novice and youth anglers plenty of opportunity to catch, if you can get a parking spot. Squidding has been excellent in New Harbor under any light source over the water during the evening hours. Bluefish have started making themselves known but in smaller numbers; this should change as we move closer to August.

The fishing from the boat has been excellent with big stripers, fluke, and seabass. Capt. Matt on the Hula Dog has reported big bass and seabass caught in deeper waters. Capt. Hank on the F/V Harley had fluke in the 10- to 12-pound range and a monster six pound seabass, along with several 30-pound-class stripers. There is a tremendous amount of bait around, which can make for difficult fishing unless you match exactly what they want to eat. This means size, shape, and color.  Once you have this dialed in it can be lights out fishing. 

Offshore fishing — deepwater tuna fishing — has been on fire. Bigeyes and yellowfin tuna are readily landed in the canyons with bluefin tuna found a bit closer at Cox’s Ledge. If you have the time and the boat, it’s worth the run for some sushi grade tuna! 

Catch ‘em up!