Island Census work continues

Thu, 09/17/2020 - 5:30pm

The following message was shared by US Census Bureau Field Supervisor Linda Wright:

Our work is continuing on the island to complete the U.S. Census. 

You will see Enumerators canvassing to complete the following work: first time interviews, re-Interviews, non-response follow ups, quality checks, group quarters interviews, and proxy interviews.

If you have filled out your questionnaire either by paper, phone or online and get contacted by a U.S. Census Bureau employee, please understand our visits may be for any of the above additional work we are required to complete. The additional work type is randomly generated by the system with regards to who we contact. Another visit doesn’t mean we didn’t get your first reply, but rather the system needs to verify your information or maybe we could use your help as a proxy for someone else. We might even be asking for your feedback on our work.

If you haven’t filled out your survey it’s not too late. Go to

Our goal is to count everyone who was staying, visiting, living, renting, etc. on the island as of April 1.

Enumerators will always be able to present a U.S. Government issued ID. If Enumerators are traveling by car you should see signage in a car window. Many Enumerators may be traveling on foot or bike as well. Regardless of their method of transportation everyone will be wearing a mask when they are outside your residence and practicing a safe distance to ensure everyone stays healthy. Please be on the lookout on our roads as our Enumerators are completing their work.

We are trying our best to get all of Block Island counted and appreciate your help and appreciate your courtesy in our attempts to do so.

I expect to be completed with our work on the island by mid-October.