Hermine doesn't stop the fish

Fri, 09/09/2016 - 3:30pm

So a hurricane came through and showed its face... big deal! The fish are still swimming the Block Island waters. Being that it was a northeast wind that we had, it will be interesting to see what it does for the fishing these coming weeks. Since our water temps are still up and there is lots of bait still around, it will most likely improve for a great fall bite! 

From boat, the fish seem to be mostly on the south and west sides of the island. There are good numbers for bass right in close to shore in between Dorie's and Grace’s Coves toward the evening using eels. Capt. Greg of Hula Charters reported monster bass still being caught on first light on the southwest corner of the island. There are still bluefish around, so if you are fishing eels and can’t get past the blues, use a one- to four-ounce egg sinker to get them down faster. Black seabass are the most plentiful fish around right now, and with the seven-fish limit you’ll be sure to get your fill. You can catch them just about anywhere around the island as long as you’re jigging over rocks and not sand. Squid is what most people use for seabass, but artificial like the Gulp Alive baits works as well. The fluke are still around, but are in deep water on the west side around 65 to 80 feet. Big live minnows are working best for fluke, but squid or spearing will do just fine.

After the late summer lull for striped bass fishing from shore, we’ve begun to see larger fish around again. The water is still really warm, so for the bigger fish you need to go at night when it has time to cool off. Mansion Beach has produced fish all summer, and with the increased baitfish lately, you should be able to find good fish there using squid as bait, or a variety of swimming lures such as needlefish.

The biggest excitement right now is definitely the arrival of the bonito. They show up early morning, as well as several times throughout the day. Still not in the numbers we want to see, but they should be here for a while. False albacore still haven't really shown up, but I also expect that to improve in the coming weeks. At the Coast Guard Channel, you’ll find them blitzing baitfish several times throughout the day. The number one lure for the small tuna is the Deadly Dick, but any thin, shiny, metal lure should work. These fish are known for their exceptional eyesight, so be sure not to use any line over 12-pound test.

Tight lines!