Help from time to time

Thu, 02/21/2019 - 8:45pm

During World War II, Block Island residents proudly defied an order to evacuate the island, opting instead for some good old-fashioned New England independence. It was a fine moment, to be sure, striking that balance between pride and duty.

Block Island has been guided by that kind of spirit since its beginnings, no doubt, but times have changed and it’s a good thing to recognize that once in a while we may need a little help.

This was the motivation behind a visit made to the mainland by Second Warden André Boudreau — an independent spirit if there ever was one — and Town Manager Ed Roberge. They made a series of appointments with state leaders, including Senate President Dominick Ruggerio and House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, whom they found to be amenable and knowledgeable about Block Island issues.

What Boudreau and Roberge know, as do the other members of the Town Council, is that we’re going to need their help from time to time. It may seem paradoxical, but if Block Island intends to maintain its independence, either by keeping sovereignty over our taxi operations, or if we want to ban unwanted chemicals, we’re going to need some support over in America.

It was a good first step to make these introductions, and we hope the dialogue continues.