Featured letter: Turbines in the fog

Fri, 06/09/2017 - 9:00am

To the Editor:

We flew from Danbury, Conn., to Block Island (on June 2) in an American Cheetah to get a better view of your wind turbines, but as we swung east to the island from Westerly Airport it was apparent the island was surrounded by sea fog and we could not see any wind turbines or ocean surface; it continued out to sea with no end as the 78-degree air hit the 54-degree ocean.

As we crossed the island, we started to see only blades cutting through the fog. As we flew over them, the fog covered the first 150 feet and would then cover them completely as the fog moved by. In addition, congratulations to Block Island and Rhode Island for leading the way on offshore power, which will help the U.S. get off foreign oil and help the atmosphere.  

John Henze and Dan Sharkey

New Fairfield and Darien, Conn.