An even-handed approach

Thu, 03/22/2018 - 8:30pm

The compassionate action taken by the Town Council on behalf of Meriton Gurguri, the young man recently arrested and detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, has been woefully and perhaps willfully misinterpreted by some on social media.

What the Council did for Gurguri was simply, and, in this case, quite appropriately, ask the immigration judge to allow Gurguri, as a non-violent person with a long-standing record of employment here, to return home to be with his friends and family as his case makes its way through the court system. The judge concurred, and set Gurguri free on bond on March 20.

Gurguri overstayed the terms of his J-1 Visa. Despite what has been said so casually and so inaccurately by so many on social media, no one, certainly not the Town Council, is saying Gurguri is above the law or that he should escape the consequences of his own actions. On the contrary. In early April, Gurguri will go before the same judge who allowed him to return home this past week, and that judge will make a decision as to whether Gurguri should be sent back to Kosovo or be allowed to stay and seek a path to citizenship here in the United States. 

We hope it is the latter, but in the meantime the immigration judge, the Town Council, and the many hundreds of people who signed a petition and wrote letters, should be commended for the even-handed and kind manner in which they approached this particular situation.