An energized Recreation Department

Thu, 02/15/2018 - 8:15pm

The Recreation Department is just two people — Dave Sniffen and Cindy Lemon — aided and supported by a five-member volunteer Board. Healthy activities, both indoor and out, have always been part of the Block Island lifestyle, and the Rec. Department is responding to that in creative and innovative ways.

Sniffen and Lemon are committed to the prospect of getting as many island kids and adults involved in these activities as they can. They’re sensitive to both the needs of the community, and to any possible concerns some others may have (such as the scheduled date of the annual triathlon). They’re trying to get as many kids as possible to come to the Rec. Center at Harbor Church on the weekends as a safe alternative to other island enticements.

The idea of scheduling a Walking Festival, which would seemingly appeal to all ages and demographics, is an inspired idea and one we hope they follow through on. They hold pickle ball games on Sundays to get people out of the house on quiet Block Island winter weekends. The idea of installing an ATM machine at the Beach Pavilion for customer convenience is also a great touch.

We’ve seen Dave Sniffen painting railings at the Pavilion, and Cindy Lemon tirelessly driving kids to various camps and activities. They’ve energized this department, and they are encouraged and supported ably by their Board.

It’s always important to say when a job is well done, and it’s a pleasure to do so here.