Editorial from Chief Carlone

Thu, 03/08/2018 - 8:30pm

To the people of Block Island:

This winter has been an anomaly concerning accidents involving speed and alcohol. We have had four such accidents, and have identified the responsible parties and charged them. This means we are at 100 percent of solvability in terms of these incidents, which is unheard of in our profession. Yes, our police officers pay attention and are very committed to protecting you, but that is not enough. (See Police Log on page 14.)

Statistically, we are, sadly, failing to prevent such incidents. With only 1,000 residents, there have been far too many unsafe incidents. I am personally disappointed, because normally in the winter our population respects the Island and understands that we are seriously understaffed. This is unacceptable and now we will be vigilantly enforcing the speed limits around the island until this problem is solved.

One of the greatest things that I have found in my 39 years of policing is the respect that residents have for their community. That love and respect ultimately translates into the need for much less law enforcement.

As a result of what is taking place at this time, the police department will be enforcing the laws very strictly. The speed limit is 25 and that is what we will be enforcing.

Chief Vin Carlone