Count the deer

Thu, 01/31/2019 - 9:15pm

Hunting season will be over in less than a month, and it looks as though the number of deer taken will be more or less what the numbers have been in the past few years: about 150 or so.

This will be, as members of the Deer Task Force point out in this week’s edition, about the same number of deer that will be born next spring and summer, leaving the deer population with no net reduction.

This pattern has not been lost on anyone. The Deer Task Force is frustrated, and some island residents engaged in a letter writing campaign to alert the community about the lurking dangers of Lyme disease. Some people who have never had a case of Lyme disease are now reporting they’ve had it multiple times.

The members of the DTF are calling for a deer count, and members of the community are beginning to speak out. The Medical Center has been asked to come up with some numbers on how many cases of Lyme disease have been recently diagnosed here on the island.

We would ask the Town Council to put as much pressure as they can on the DEM to complete a flyover as soon as possible to get an accurate number of our deer, so that an informed decision can be made as to what should be done next.