Come join us

Thu, 10/25/2018 - 7:30pm

Block Island residents are in the unique position of being able to have fairly regular contact with its locally-elected officials. Any of the incumbents or candidates for Town Council can be seen, and approached, almost anywhere in town. The same goes for the folks running for School Committee or any other elected post.

That may be why it sometimes seems a candidates’ night, such as the one The Block Island Times and the Block Island Residents Association is hosting on Tuesday, Oct. 30, may seem a bit superfluous. These candidates are also long-time friends of many people, so they’re not strangers.

Although this has been billed as a night to meet Town Council candidates, state Rep. Blake Filippi and state Sen. Sue Sosnowski have also been invited. We also extend an invitation to School Committee candidates Kara Stinnett and Eileen Birk, as well as Town Moderator candidate Molly O’Neill and Asst. Moderator candidate Pat Doyle to join the discussion.

On this particular night the candidates can express their individual views on specific issues, and it’s an opportunity to have a collective discussion about the future of the town — whether its about affordable housing and the town’s (and taxpayers’) roles in creating those units, or what the future possibilities of the Coast Guard Station may be — it should be an interesting and informative discussion.

We’ll start at 6 p.m. at the School library. (It might also be a night to celebrate depending on where your baseball loyalties are.)