Christmas Eve snow set the mood for the holidays

Sun, 01/02/2022 - 7:45am

Snowstorms have become increasingly rare on Block Island. The snowstorm on the morning of Friday, December 24 was the first
snowstorm (and perhaps the only snowstorm?) of the current winter season and only the second snowstorm in the past three
years. (Global warming, perhaps?) I decided it was time to get out the camera and capture some snow pictures while I had the chance.
Because the December 24 snowfall was rather substantial, it had appeared that we would indeed have a “White Christmas” the next
day. But on Friday afternoon the temperature started to rise, the snow started to melt and, by Christmas Day, the snow had melted away. So much for our expectations of a “White Christmas.”
As a result, I was indeed fortunate to have gone out the day before in order to capture some rare scenes of the island covered in snow
before the snow, much to my surprise, had melted.